Christian Matzke is an expert in (among numerous other things) making objects from the stories of H. P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos. He also brought into existence an artifact from Glimpses by A. A. Attanasio.

Christian Matzke at Propping Up the Mythos

"Armand gently separated the black cube into two parts revealing a round stone with a hole in it, rather like a donut. On either side of this stone were inscriptions impressed in a style like cuneiform.

"Gene ran his fingers over them and noticed that on the periphery of the stone a snake was raised, encircling the entire wheel and biting its tail on one side."

-- Glimpses, A.A. Attanasio


"This amulet... appears to be useful in protecting one from Yog-Sothoth."
- Christian Matzke